PSIM makes complex power supply design simulations easy. Find out why.

Why Choose PSIM for Power Supply Design?

Here are a few reasons why PSIM should be your preferred and only tool for power supply design.


PSIM allows users to easily change between ideal devices, detailed switching models, thermal devices, with the release of PSIM V11.0, SPICE models, and with PSIM V11.1 LTspice support. This allows you to choose the appropriate model for your simulation requirements.


PSIM is one of the fastest system-level simulators on the market. This means you can test hypotheses early and easily, and get from design to implementation quickly. PSIM is capable of simulating large and complex power converter and control systems in a short time.


PSIM is used by some of the top universities and companies in the world, and is known for its ability to deliver accurate results without sacrificing simulation speed.


PSIM has an intuitive user interface, easy implementation and outstanding technical support. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Intuitive & easy to use
Intuitive & easy to use
Accuracy you can trust
Accuracy you can trust
Custom C code
Custom C code
Links easily to other engineering platforms
Links easily to other engineering platforms

PSIM can simulate almost anything:


PSIM allows for mixed domain simulation. Design with analog (s-domain), digital (z-domain), or both in the same simulation.


The PSIM AC sweep tool is optimized for the study of switching power converters. There is no need to generate equations or average models of your topology in order to sweep open loop, loop gain, close loop, input impedance, and output impedance transfer functions.


PSIM allows you to change parameter values and view voltages/currents during simulation. It’s like having a virtual test bench running on your computer.


PSIM has an extensive library and includes pre-built sample circuits and tutorials to support you in both research and teaching.

SPICE Module 2

PSIM Resources & Support.

This vast online resource collection allows you to attain the type of help you need on your own terms and when you need it.

Even with no prior experience, a fast learning curve means easy implementation and seamless adoption in any research environment.


PSIM is well-regarded and widely-used in the power electronic simulation industry for a reason. Since its first release in 1994, our flagship product has evolved from a simple power electronics simulator to a powerful simulation platform, offering comprehensive simulation and design capabilities for various power electronic applications.

Our customers agree. Read the testimonials to find out for yourself.


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