PSIM is the most robust power electronics simulator on the market today. Find out why.

Why PSIM for Digital Control?

FAST – PSIM is one of the fastest system-level simulators on the market.

CONTROL – Design with analog s-domain, digital z-domain, or both in the same simulation.

EASY TO USE –  An intuitive user interface & outstanding technical support. You’ll be up and running in no time.

FREQUENCY ANALYSIS – AC sweeps optimized for the study of switching power converters s & z domain. No average models.

MODEL BASED CODE GENERATION – Generate embedded code for industry standard C2000 MCU’s from Texas Instruments

IDEAL OR DETAILED – PSIM allows users to easily change between ideal devices, thermal devices, and detailed switching models.

Accelerate innovation.

Simulate power electronics with fast and accurate software, as well as deep technical support.  Get reliable results and move your innovations forward.