G. Pace

KRW Technologies, Inc., (Formerly LTI Power Systems [formerly O.E.M. Inc.]), Texas, U.S.A.

“OEM Power Systems (OEM) is a designer and manufacturer of power systems, such as AC and DC motors, drives, and generator controls, among others. Although it creates these systems primarily for the drilling industry, its other customers include companies from a diverse list, such as dredging, mining, energy and utility organizations.

OEM has used PSIM to improve its existing motor drives and control systems, and to develop new products. In addition, the company has used PSIM to investigate and explain specific problems experienced by its customers, and then to determine the effectiveness of proposed solutions as quickly as possible. OEM also uses PSIM to design components in its new systems, a step that has replaced considerable “trial and error” with “trial and success”.

Recently, OEM used PSIM on an effort to simulate a power system on an offshore drilling rig. The simulation was designed to identify problems with high-frequency common mode currents in the power system, and to design filters to remove them.

OEM also simulated system harmonics (low- and high-frequency) in multiple drive systems, and designed active and passive filters to mitigate these effects. In addition, the organization used PSIM to simulate long cable impacts on a motor transient over voltage, and designed filters to mitigate this issue.

PSIM’s ability to run at fast speed made it very effective in all of OEM’s projects. Additionally, PSIM’s built-in code framework, along with its vast library of components, improves the efficiency of the code OEM creates, saving significant development time. Moreover, the simulations it performs are measurably closer to actual implementations.

Because the tool is specifically aimed at power electronics and power systems, PSIM enabled OEM to run efficient, targeted simulations that matched its needs precisely. And when a poor simulation is worse than none at all, accuracy is critical.”

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