A. Oudrhiri

A. Oudrhiri - Software Engineer, Thomas & Betts Power Solutions, Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

“I have been using PSIM since 2010 in multiple power electronics design projects, specifically in the field of embedded software research and development. PSIM is a great tool that I have used to simulate Interrupts Sampling Routines, synchronization algorithms and Phase Locked Loops, Infinite Impulse Response digital filters design and power quality controls and detection.

PSIM also offers a simple yet efficient method of integrating code with simulation environment through the DLL Block (video tutorial available). This feature has opened great design and validation possibilities for the embedded tasks that I deal with everyday. The algorithms to be designed were easily added to a huge library of power electronics and digital controls components and produced results that matched the real world behavior perfectly.

PSIM is very user friendly, minimizes the development time, and produces accurate results. It is a must have for the power electronics embedded software design.”

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