T. Lesster

Fellow, RCT Systems, Inc., MD, U.S.A.

“Great product! I have been using PSIM for many years to perform power electronics systems and circuit-level design.

The ease of circuit entry, the speed of processing circuits, and the flexibility to move between and join actual circuit elements and mathematical control models make PSIM an ideal tool for “what if?” work. While its power components are generic in nature (as opposed to the tediously specific implementations in some competing software), PSIM provides the capability to focus on the parameters of particular interest in a design.

The ability to integrate machines into the electronic simulation, along with the availability of multiple machine models, makes PSIM an exceptional tool for motor drive applications. Additionally, the wealth of transformer models, and the ability to work in both an analog and a digital domain for control, affords great flexibility in modern power circuit design, based largely on DSP control techniques.

Furthermore, its processing speed enables demonstration of “live” simulations with customers during design reviews, and allows for highlighting tradeoff effects “on the spot”.

Overall, I have found that its speed of entry, robustness, and rapid processing make simulation in PSIM a very productive environment for design and development.”

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