Brian Faley

Brian Faley - Chief Technology Officer, The Cool Blue Device Company

Brian Faley is the founder and CTO of the Cool Blue Device Company which develops innovative products that save you worry, such as the FenceMinderTM, which monitors your electric fence and sends you a notification when there is an issue with your fence and the FenceMinder-i, a monitor for invisible fences.

When someone asks Brian which simulation and design tools he prefers his answer is “PSIM hands down.”

Being a long-time PSIM user for over 20 years, Brian knows the Ins and Out of the software and appreciates its ease of use and relief of his headaches at work – not only at his own company but also over the years at several other companies where he advocated for and brought PSIM along with him.

“The amount of wasted time I’ve been spared not having to fuss with the complete abstraction and learning curve of LTspice (or Pspice) has allowed many products to be launched successfully. I don’t waste hours on convergence and can use the simulator for the tasks where it is most useful, exploring options before I’ve built the real hardware. Models are just that, representations of reality. Each simulator does some things well, and all rely on models to represent real components. Real hardware pays the bills. Less time on simulation, more time building real products to solve real-world problems. But that’s just my opinion after doing this gig for almost 40 yrs.”

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