R. Beland

Vice President R&D, emd Technologies Inc., Quebec, Canada

“We have been using the PSIM simulator since 2003, and today we are currently using multiple PSIM licenses in our Engineering Department.

Our company specializes in the design and manufacturing of High Voltage Power Supplies for medical applications from 2 to 180 kV and up to 120 kW. 
Once we included all stray and parasitic elements of our power supplies in the simulation environment, the PSIM simulation results were almost exactly the same as the measured results in the final product. Now we can predict performance with PSIM in our high frequency power supply designs and even test dynamic closed loop conditions without building engineering prototypes. The results are so accurate that we can go directly to preproduction with excellent success.

We also use SPICE simulator in some cases. However the simulation time with SPICE in our case is so long that SPICE simulation becomes unusable.

PSIM is extremely fast since non-linear elements are only used where we choose that they are important. Furthermore, the fact that PSIM separates power and control has a major effect on reducing simulation time. Another very useful feature is the ability to integrate DLL blocks into the circuit with the code that we wrote. This is of great help to emulate a software routine that would be used in a microcontroller used in our power supplies. We also use those DLL to emulate all our control logic to again reduce simulation time.

In summary, with PSIM, we can improve our power supply performance, increase reliability because we can do virtual testing beyond what we could do in the real life, and drastically reduce the time to market from design to the final product.”

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