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The PSIM Equivalent to a SPICE Model

Intro to the PSIM level 2 MOSFET, IGBT & Diode models

Learn to: 

  • Set up a level 2 device from datasheet parameters
  • Set up a gate drive circuit
  • Use the device and compare with the SPICE equivalent
  • Play with parasitic inductance and capacitance to see what causes what ringing

This webinar cover how to use the PSIM Level 2 Models:

  • IGBT
  • Diode

What are these models? They are the PSIM version of a SPICE model, which means that they will still converge even if you slightly change the circuit operating conditions. When properly set up they give results comparable to the SPICE equivalent or to experimental results. These models require a proper gate drive voltage and current to switch on/off, allowing for the inclusion of a realistic gate drive in the simulation. They also have all of the parasitic capacitors modeled, (Ciss, Coss, Crss) which will allow for a realistic device transition, switching loss calculation, ringing and overshoot for turn on and turn off. 


These models come at a computational cost as they need to be configured to match your circuit operating conditions and the physical device that you’d like to use. That is what this webinar is for; to teach you how to set up the parameters and to make the decision about whether using them is a good idea for your particular application.