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PSIM Release 2020a – What’s new

We are pleased to announce that PSIM version 2020a will be released in June 2020. There is a host of new features, functionality, and elements, along with the first phase of the relaunch of our support resources.


New Naming

It is important to note that we are now implementing a new naming convention for PSIM, we are dropping the old version method of major & minor release changing v11 to v12 or v12.0 to v12.1. The new version system will be annual, with version 2020a the first release, 2020b the second release in 2020, etc.


There are new improvements for all of our main applications:

  • Analog power supply design
  • Digital control/ embedded code generation
  • Motor drives
  • Microgrid simulation
  • Hardware implementation and test


Of interest to everyone, is the 1st phase of our improved help resources.We are now providing a much more thorough and cross-linked set of resources whenever you go look for help from PSIM. This improvement will make it much easier to find associated examples, videos, and other tutorials. We are also now incorporating some reference theory and background to key elements.

Faster AC ASweep and RidleyWorks Link

Also applicable to the general PSIM users is a new and faster AC sweep that can be used, which was developed with the help of Dr. Ray Ridley. In addition, there is a brand new link to RidleyWorks which allows you to export your design, including core and proximity models, from RidleyWorks into PSIM with just a click of a button.



There are also further improvements to scripting, waveform analysis, and a few new elements – details below.


For analog power supply design

You are now able to export a design from Ridleyworks, including the generated magnetics models for core and proximity loss.


For digital control/embedded code generation

There are two new C2000 targets, F2837x & F28004x which include extensive support for advanced functionality like the X-Bar, comparator trigger, etc. which enable advanced and complex PWM gating signals/logic to be used. We are also supporting a new sub-module of the PE-Expert4 system and we have also implemented typical gating waveforms for various types of common multi-level topologies (MMC H – bridge, MMC chopper, flying cap/diode clamp).


Typhoon HIL Link

We are also pleased to release the link with Typhoon HIL systems which allows you to generate a Typhoon HIL power stage from a PSIM schematic. Greatly speeding up rapid prototyping of both the power stage and embedded control code.


DSIM engine

Finally, we are happy to include select element compatibility with the new separately purchased DSIM engine – the fastest power electronics simulation engine in the world.


Watch the webinar to be one of the first to see all new features of PSIM 2020a and how they will improve your work.