Support Resources Webinars Powersim + Typhoon HIL: Rapid Control Prototyping Using a 3 Phase Inverter

Powersim + Typhoon HIL: Rapid Control Prototyping Using a 3 Phase Inverter

In this webinar, we introduced the concept of Rapid Control Prototyping. Using a 3 phase inverter as the case study, PSIM was used to simulate and generate a fully defined Code Composer Studio project that implemented the controller on an F28335 processor from Texas Instruments. The control code was verified with a real-time hardware in loop simulation with a Typhoon HIL system. Once the offline simulation was verified against the realtime model, test routines and procedures were utilized to determine the viability of the generated code in an end product application. As problems were exposed, PSIM was used to simulate and verify changes to the control code were then be re-generated and uploaded to the F28335.

A seamless and smooth change iteration process with extreme ease of use was demonstrated.

  1.  PSIM offline simulation setup
  2.  Code Generation and import to Code Composer Studio
  3.  Verify operation with Typhoon HIL
  4.  Iterate and re-verify control as needed

Request the Files

You can request the PSIM and Typhoon files that were used in this webinar. All of the PSIM and Typhoon HIL files that were used are available along with extra PSIM files for determining the control loop gains. Also, included is a application note that gives a step by step guide to the use of the simulations and how to get things working on your own setup. Please fill out the form below for the files.

PSIM Modules:

The webinar simulation made use of: