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Motor Drive Simulation with Realistic Machine Models

Learn to progress your motor drive design in a few minutes from a motor model concept to a working motor drive simulation.


PSIM, a leading power electronics simulation environment, and JMAG, a leading machine design finite element analysis environment, work together to provide one of the most realistic and fast motor drive simulations available. Importantly, JMAG now offers a free online export with JMAG-Express.

Modern electric motor drives now allow for the optimization of many different control and machine parameters to truly tailor each system for each application. It is standard practice to simulate a close loop motor drive before attempting to implement the hardware.

Most electric motors can be easily modeled with linear RL components. These simple models can be used for most motor drive simulations. However, this simplification abstracts some important aspects of how real motors such as ripple effect, saturation, and spatial harmonics. PSIM and JMAG combine a Finite Element Analysis tool (FEA) simulation with a power electronics simulation to allow users to do more with simulation while reducing costs and development time.

This webinar covers how to link a JMAG RT motor model with PSIM. A JMAG RT file can be exported from a full JMAG license or from the free online JMAG express tool. PSIM’s Motor Control Design Suite will automatically implement close-loop Field Oriented Control (FOC) of the JMAG model. This will allow users to go from a motor concept to a full closed-loop drive simulation in minutes.


Hosts of the webinar are representatives for Powersim, the developers of PSIM, and Powersys the North America distributor of JMAG.