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Microgrid Design and Simulation

Design and simulate your microgrids using state-of-the-art tools from Powersim.

In this webinar, we are focussing on the design and simulation of microgrids.

We are designing the microgrid using

      • PSIM to draw the individual converters,
      • SmartCtrl to close the loops, and
      • DSIM to simulate everything working together.

    Microgrids pose a unique set of challenges which will result in very long simulations with traditional simulation tools.

    Some of these challenges are:

        • Typically multiple converters working with each other
        • Different switching speeds
        • Move to multi-level topologies introduces large numbers of switches
        • Grid fundamental frequencies are 100s-1000s longer than switching speeds forcing 1000s of switching cycles for adequate simulation of the fundamental

    These challenges usually work against having “short simulations”. DSIM was developed to address this very shortcoming – and it delivers!

    Scripting is being used to automate multiple design scenarios once the microgrid system is built-in DSIM.

    The microgrid consists of multiple converters providing energy to the grid:

        • PV panels with MPPT
        • Active rectifier PMSM
        • Multi-level inverters
          Droop controlled inverters
        • Solid-state transformers forming load converters

    The design example is meant to include several different types of converters to show the ability of DSIM to handle and quickly simulate complex systems.

    In this webinar, you will learn how to determine open-loop transfer functions of 3 phase inverters in PSIM and then use SmartCtrl to define dq based control loops for current and voltage control. DSIM will then be used to simulate all of the individual converters working together.