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DSIM – The Fastest Simulation Just Got Even Better

DSIM is the fastest simulation platform for power electronics. Period.


In this webinar, we are happy to prove this statement as well as to announce and demonstrate the support of motor drive and passive diode elements.

Compared to other tools on the market, DSIM is hundreds, to thousands, to tens of thousands of times faster. In real terms, this means that simulations that used to:

  • take minutes are instantaneous
  • take hours are completed in seconds
  • only be attempted with expensive real-time hardware can now be performed in a few minutes on your personal computer.

In our first public webinar for DSIM (watch the recording here), in December 2019, we demonstrated the blinding speed with several simulations:

  • 200kHz LLC Resonant converter
  • 3x Parallel 3 level t-type inverters with voltage and current control
  • 3 phase to single phase 50kVA solid-state transformer with multiple conversion stages
  • 10 inverter microgrid, with each inverter implemented with a 10 level MMC with 120 active switches for 1200 total switches
  • Physical switch modeling for IGBT and SiC with comparison to experimental results

In this webinar we demonstrate simulations using:

  • Motor drives
  • Passive diodes
  • Automated scripting
  • Physical switch transitions
  • MHz switching converters


PS: When released DSIM will be a paid upgrade for PSIM or sold as a standalone tool.