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DSIM – A Quantum Leap in Simulation Speed

Be one of the first to see the revolutionary simulation engine for power electronics and power systems


Introducing DSIM, a brand new and never before seen way of simulating power electronics with a personal computer. The performance boost compared to existing simulation tools is simply astonishing. The DSIM engine has been designed specifically for large numbers of switching events.

In this webinar we put DSIM to the test for you and compare its simulation speed with PSIM where applicable.


The main examples used in this webinar will be:

  • 10x unit 3 phase microgrid simulation with 1200 active switches
  • 576 switch Energy Router (up to 20kHz switching)
  • 50kVA solid state transformer with 24 switches and multiple switching speeds
  • 200kHz dual full bridge LLC
  • 3 phase 3 level T-Type inverter with closed voltage and current loops
  • 3 phase inverter with non-ideal switches and parasitic bus inductance
  • Automated simulation execution with scripts


The engine can also handle a non-ideal switch transition and SiC and IGBT models are supported.

For some simulations it just won’t be feasible to run a baseline with PSIM as it will take too long.


“You need to see it to believe it.”


DSIM is truly a quantum leap forward for the simulation of power electronics.


PS: When released DSIM will be a paid upgrade for PSIM or sold as a standalone tool.