Support Resources Webinars Design of Sensored and Sensorless Motor Drives with PSIM

Design of Sensored and Sensorless Motor Drives with PSIM

In this webinar we introduce the functionality of PSIM’s Motor Control Design Suite and demonstrate how it can be used to implement sensored or sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) of a PMSM. The Design Suite implements stable PI controllers for Id, Iq, and speed based on user defined inverter parameter and motor parameters. Options for control also include the implementation of Field Weakening and Max Torque Per Ampere Control.

During the webinar we also investigate when field weakening is required during the operation of a motor.  Since SiC devices are now a topic of interest with many users we also use the Thermal Module to compare losses and heatsink requirements of a SiC 6 pack versus a traditional IGBT based 6 pack.

Some specific topics covered:

    • Sensored field oriented control
    • Sensorless field oriented control
    • SMO vs InstaSPIN
    • Field weakening
    • Motor control design suite setup and use
    • Use of the thermal module to estimate heatsinking requirements
    • Compare IGBT and SiC 6 pack inverter options