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PSIM v11.1 – What’s New

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This tutorial video covers the main highlights of what has been improved and added with PSIM version 11.1. Covered in the video are highlights of the key new features:

Dual PSIM/SPICE model definition
The dual model definition allows the user to define a PSIM or a SPICE model for switch elements. This allows the user to run a PSIM simulation or a SPICE simulation without changing any elements

Support for LTSPICE simulation
Users can now call the LTSPICE engine from PSIM to simulate their SPICE circuit that has been defined by PSIM. This is important as not all SPICE syntax and models are compatible with other versions of SPICE, we now allow for the PSIM-SPICE engine (an NGSPICE/ SPICE 3F) to be used or for the LTSPICE engine to be used. To use LTSPICE you must install it separately and direct PSIM to where the LTSPICE.exe file is located.

Level 2 IGBT
SPICE simulations can be difficult to use and the detail provided can seriously slow a simulation. Furthermore, SPICE simulations are not compatible with motor models. The new PSIM level 2 IGBT provides switching and gate drive detail without being a SPICE model. This means that the level 2 IGBT is compatible with the PSIM engine and can be used for simulations that include digital control and motor models.

Saturable inductor with hysteresis
This model approximates the B-H curve and allows for the simulation of an inductor with hysteresis and saturation.

CAN bus and HRPWM
PSIM’s model based code generation, SimCoder, now provides support for CAN bus communications and High-Resolution PWM, HRPWM.

Searchable Help
Users can now search all of PSIM’s help documents and examples from one menu. Also included are links to all of our tutorial videos.

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