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Co-simulation of Simulink and PSIM with SimCoupler

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Setup a co-simulation between Matlab/Simulink and PSIM using PSIM’s simcoupler module. This video covers the setup process so that you can link a PSIM simulation with Simulink.

– Determine the signals to pass between the two programs,
– Setup waveforms to analyze in post processing
– Setup variables that can be defined in Simulink and passed to PSIM
– Basic troubleshooting steps

The video uses an example simulation that you can find in the PSIM examples folder \examples\SimCoupler folder.

It is important to note that PSIM is a complete simulation tool for power electronics and there is very little functionality that PSIM does not have compared to simulink in this application space. Co-simulation Simulink and PSIM, is typically used by organizations with existing simulink simulations. It is recommended that new development is all in PSIM.

Always make sure that your Simulink and PSIM versions have matching “bits” if you have 64-bit PSIM you need 64-bit Simulink, request support for 32-bit download links of PSIM if it is needed.

*Simulink must be purchased from Mathworks and you PSIM license must be configured with SimCoupler module

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