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Power Converters: Applications and Analysis Using PSIM

Author: Prof. Herman E. Fernandez

Source: Book

This book, written in Spanish, provides a comprehensive coverage of power electronics and various applications, and contains 760 pages, with 400+ diagrams and 180+ case studies through PSIM simulation.

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It describes in detail the characteristics and operating principles of power semiconductor devices (Diodes, SCR, TRIAC, PBJT, MOSFET, IGBT and GTO), power converters (ac/dc, dc/dc, dc/ac and ac/ac), and multiple applications including dc and ac motor drives, wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, UPS, switched sources, battery chargers, PEMFC and SOFC fuel cells, super capacitors, PWM rectifiers, PFCs, matrix converters, etc.

Extensive examples are provided in this book, and are summarized in a document (in English or in Spanish). The complete set of example files can be downloaded from this link.

The book is organized in the following chapters:

Chapter I: Introduction to Power Electronics
Chapter II: Simulation Tool PSIM
Chapter III: Diodes and thyristors. Models in PSIM
Chapter IV: Power transistors. Models in PSIM
Chapter V: DC / DC Converters
Chapter VI: Pulse Generators and Phase Synchronization for Converters Switching or Connecting to the AC Network
Chapter VII: Controlled Rectifiers
Chapter VIII: AC / AC Controllers
Chapter IX: DC / AC Converters or Inverters
Chapter X: Electronic Power Systems. Analysis and Simulation
Chapter XI: Renewable Energy Sources: Wind and Photovoltaic. Fuel Cells
Annex: Physical model of solar cells, SmartCtrl tool, HID lamps, Lithium-Ion batteries, PSCAD simulation and PSpice simulation