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High-frequency AC Distributed Power Delivery System

Author: Mengqi Wang (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Michigan-Dearborn) & Qingyun Huang, Wensong Yu and Alex Q. Huang (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering North Carolina State University)

Source: IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conf., March 20-24 2016 Long Beach, CA, pp.3648-3654

A novel high-frequency-AC (HFAC) distributed power delivery system is presented in this paper. The target applications of the proposed system are the aerial and ground transportation, and renewable energy systems. Unlike traditional line-frequency-AC (LFAC) or DC distributed power delivery system, the bus frequency of the proposed system can be set at tens or hundreds of kilo-Hertz, so as the power transmission frequency. As a result, 50 or 60 Hz transformers will be eliminated from the system. DC arcing flash will not exist as well with the utilization of HFAC bus. In this paper, single-stage isolated bi-directional power electronics interfaces are developed which enables distributed AC and DC sources or loads to access the main HFAC bus. Soft-switching is also realized for all the semiconductor devices in the power electronics interface. Distributed control architecture is developed so that each source or load can operate independently. Simulation results are provided to validate the distributed control architecture. A scaled-down hardware demonstration, with the bus specification of 54 kHz and 400 VAC, is presented to validate the proposed architecture of the HFAC distributed power delivery system.