Support Resources Literature References Digital Signal Processing in Power Electronics Control Circuits Using PSIM Simulations

Digital Signal Processing in Power Electronics Control Circuits Using PSIM Simulations

Author: Prof. Krzysztof Sozanski

Source: Book

The revised and extended second edition of this book covers problems concerning the design and realization of digital control algorithms for power electronics circuits using digital signal processing (DSP) methods. The book bridges the gap between power electronics and digital signal processing.

The book is available for download here. 

This book discusses signal processing, starting from analog signal acquisition, through conversion to digital form, methods of filtration and separation, and ending with pulse control of output power transistors. It focuses on two applications for the considered methods of digital signal processing for a shunt active power filter and a digital class-D power amplifier.

Also included is a new chapter considering selected problems of simulation of power electronic systems together with digital control circuits. These simulations are conducted using MATLAB and PSIM. In the case of PSIM programs, the considered methods use C code for describing the digital control algorithm.

The major benefit to readers is the acquisition of specific knowledge concerning discussions on the processing of signals from voltage or current sensors using a digital signal processor and on the signals controlling the output inverter transistors. Included are many Matlab examples for illustration of the considered problems.

The book is organized in the following chapters:
Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Analog Signals Conditioning & Discretization
Chapter III: Selected Methods of Signal Filtration & Separation & Their Implementation
Chapter IV: Selected Simulation Methods & Programs for Power Electronic Circuits
Chapter V: Selected Active Power Filter Control Algorithms
Chapter VI: Digital Signal Processing Circuits for Digital Class-D Power Amplifiers
Chapter VII: Conclusion