Application Examples

A number of pre-built examples are provided together with PSIM. Below are descriptions of selected examples in PSIM (there are more examples than listed below), located in the examples sub-folder of the PSIM installation directory. Note, the file names are not download links. Also, over 200 examples for various applications are provided in the book Power Converters: Application and Analysis Using PSIM, written by Prof. Herman E. Fernandez. To download these example files, please click here. Please note that some examples exceed the limits of the demo version and can be simulated by the Professional version only.

AC Analysis:

  • Open-loop transfer function of a 1-quadrant chopper in switchmode (chop-1q acsweep.sch)
  • Closed-loop transfer function of a 1-quadrant buck converter in average model (buck i_loop avg_model acsweep.sch) and in switchmode (buck i_loop acsweep.sch)
  • Impedance of a LC shunt filter (L-C shunt filter acsweep.sch)
  • Both ac sweep and parameter sweep of a L-C filter (L-C filter ac_parameter_sweep.sch)
  • Voltage-loop transfer function of an UC3842-controlled buck converter in switchmode (UC3842-buck acsweep.sch)

SmartCtrl (Controller Design):

  • Design a buck converter with inner current loop and outer voltage loop, with the buck converter implemented in PSIM (double loop.psimsch) and the current and voltage regulators designed in SmartCtrl (double loop.tro)
  • Design the control loops of a PFC (power factor correction) boost converter, with converter implemented in PSIM (pfc boost converter 3khz.psimsch) and the current/voltage regulators designed in SmartCtrl (pfc boost converter 3k.tro)
  • Peak Current Control with AC sweep model of a DC/DC converter (Tutorial – Peak current mode control.tro)
  • Design the digital control loop of a buck converter (Tutorial SingleLoopExample.tro)

Co-Simulation with Matlab/Simulink:

  • One-quadrant chopper circuit with current feedback, with the power circuit implemented inPSIM (chop1q_ifb_psim.sch) and the control implemented in Simulink(chop1q_ifb_simulink_R11.mdl)
  • PMSM motor drive system with the power circuit implemented in PSIM (PMSM_psim.sch) and the control implemented in Simulink (PMSM_simulink_R11.mdl)


  • Digital implementation of space vector PWM for 3-phase voltage source inverter (VSI) (space vector pwm.sch)
  • Multi-level inverter (multi-level inverter.sch)
  • 3-phase VSI with Sinusoidal PWM (vsi3 spwm.sch), in switching function implementation (spwm switching function.sch), and average model implementation (spwm average model.sch)
  • 3-phase VSI with selective harmonic elimination (vsi3 pwm pattern.sch)
  • On-line gating signal generation of 3-phase PWM current source inverter (csi3.sch)
  • Inverter dead time circuit (deadtime.sch)

DC Switchmode Power Supplies:

  • Full-bridge dc/dc power supply (dc fullbridge.sch)
  • Flyback converter (flyback.sch)
  • Push-pull converter (push-pull.sch)

PWM IC Models:

  • Model for the Unitrode current mode PWM controller IC UC3842/3843 with a buck converter example (UC3842-buck.sch)
  • Model for the Unitrode current mode PWM controller IC UC3844/3845 with a flyback power supply example (UC3844-flyback.sch)
  • Model for the Unitrode PWM controller IC UC3854 with a power factor correction example (UC3854_pfc.sch)
  • Model for the Unitrode high-speed PWM controller IC UC3823A|B/3825A|B with a push-pull converter example (UC3825B_pushpull.sch)
  • Model for the Unitrode resonant lamp ballast controller IC UC3872 with a lamp ballast circuit example (UC3872_lamp.sch)
  • Model for the power factor correction IC MC33260 from ON Semiconductor with a boost PFC example (mc33260-fig34.sch)

Rectifiers and Cycloconverters:

  • 3-phase PWM rectifier (pwm rectifier.sch)
  • 6-pulse rectifier (thy-3f.sch) and 12-pulse rectifiers (thy-12p.sch)
  • 2 phase-controlled bridges in parallel with interphase transformer (interphase transformer.sch)
  • Cycloconverter circuit (cyclo converter.sch)

PFC; Active Filters; Control Loops; and Other:

  • Boost power factor correction (PFC) circuit (boost pfc.sch)
  • PFC circuit with inner-current-outer-voltage loops implemented in: (a) op. amp. circuit (pfc_vi_op.sch); (b) s-domain transfer function (pfc_vi_s.sch); (c) z-domain transfer function (pfc_vi_d.sch); and (d) user-defined C code (pfc_vi_dll.sch);
  • 3-phase ac active filter (active filter.sch)
  • Buck converter with average current-mode control (average current-mode.sch) and peak current-mode control (peak current-mode.sch)
  • Phase-lock loop (pll.sch)
  • Voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) (vco.sch)
  • Hysteresis (bang-bang) comparator (hysteresis comparator.sch)
  • Schmitt trigger circuit (schmitt-trigger.sch)
  • Free-running square-wave oscillator circuit (square-wave-oscillator.sch)
  • Active filter application for dc power supplies (rec-pwm.sch)

Zero-Voltage-Switching (ZVS) and Zero-Current-Switching (ZCS) Circuits:

  • ZVS flyback converter (zvs-flyback.sch)
  • ZCS flyback converter (zcs-flyback.sch)
  • ZVS resonant switch (zvs-resonant.sch)
  • ZCS resonant switch (zcs-resonant.sch)

Linking External C/C++ Code via DLL:

  • Calculation of rms values using built-in RMS block and external C routine (dll-rms.sch)
  • Boost power factor correction circuit with digital inner/outer loop controllers implemented in a C routine pfc_vi_dll.sch)

Digital Control; Discrete Systems:

  • Boost power factor correction circuit with digital inner/outer loop controllers (pfc_vi_d.sch)
  • Digital implementation of space vector PWM for 3-phase voltage source inverter (VSI) (space vector pwm.sch)
  • 2nd-order analog and digital filters (filter-d.sch)
  • Different ways of implementing a digital integrator (i-d.sch)
  • Digital implementation of rms calculation (rms-d.sch)
  • Multi-rate discrete system (m-rate-d.sch)

Motor Drives:

  • Induction motor drive system (d-vsi-im.sch)
  • Start-up of an induction machine (indm.sch)
  • DC generator-motor set (dc-2.sch)
  • Start-up transient of a brushless dc motor (bdcm-op.sch)
  • Speed characteristics of a brushless dc motor under dc bus voltage change (bdcm-fb.sch)
  • Speed control of a brushless dc motor drive system (bdcm-ifb.sch)
  • Induction motor drive with long cable and high-freq motor model
  • 3-ph PMSM drive – spatial harmonics