“This is definitely the best customer service I have ever experienced. Even better than Costco!”
Yuchen (Michael) He, Florida State University
Starting February 1st 2023
  • All support requests must be submitted through the Altair Community. On the main Community page choose “Contact Support”.
  • Create an Altair One account first. You need an account to submit support tickets.
  • All existing PSIM support resources like webinars, examples, tutorials, etc. will be available in the Altair Community and the Resource Library. We are migrating all of the content from the Powersim website by the end of January 2023.

Please use your business or University email account for technical support. We do not provide technical support to free email accounts (such as gmail, hotmail, etc.).

You may include your schematic file(s) below to better assist our support of your issue.

Looking specifically for installation support? See the installation guides here for legacy PSIM licenses (pre-2022 acquisition).

If you want support to install your Altair PSIM license, contact your Altair representative.