All aspects of a motor drive simulation - main functionality:
- Implement control with standard or novel techniques
- Spin any motor in the library
- Calculate switching and conduction losses
- - Size heatsinks
- - Compare losses between different devices or device types
- Size DC link capacitors
- Do bi-directional drives with battery charging
- C code simulation - user provided
- Typhoon HIL export
- Scripting of simulations
Includes PSIM Professional, Motor Drive, Digital Control,
Thermal, and Renewable Energy Modules
Everything with PSIM's Motor Drive Package, plus automated close loop controllers
for PMSM and induction machines. Plus automatically design all the controllers
for a full HEV powertrain system.
Includes PSIM Professional, Motor Drive, Digital Control,
Thermal, and Renewable Energy Modules.
Plus Motor Control Design Suite (MCDS) + HEV Design Suite.
Everything with PSIM's Motor Drive Package, Motor Control + HEV Design Suites.
Plus generate embedded “ready to go” C code for the C2000 MCUs from
Texas Instruments or for the PE-Expert4 DSP + FPGA system.
PSIM Pro, Motor Drive, Digital Control,
Thermal, Renewable Energy.
HEV + MCDS. Plus SimCoder + Target(s).
Other Design ToolsAdd-on options:
These optional design tools can be added to a license of PSIM.
The SmartCtrl Pro software is a separate software and can be purchased separately or in combination with PSIM.

PSIM’s Motor Drive Package

Simulate all aspects of a motor drive including basic motor models including PMSM, Induction, BLDC, Synchronous, DC, Switch Reluctance, and also non-linear motor models including Ld & Lq vs Id & Iq, Spatial Harmonics, High frequency input, etc.

If you want to automate the close loop design of PMSM and Induction machines, you should consider to add the Motor Control Design Suite.

If you want to close the loops yourself or implement your own novel algorithms, PSIM and DSIM both contain all the needed control library elements. You can even embed c code into the simulation to see how it performs with PSIM’s built-in C Block found in PSIM’s menu Elements > Other > Function Blocks.

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Add Motor Control Design Suite

Save hundreds of hours of work, per year

Design a motor control system with less effort. Automate the close loop design of PMSM and Induction machines by adding Motor Control Design Suite to the PSIM Motor Drive Package.

Implement Field Oriented Control, with SVPWM with Max-Torque-per-Ampere control, Field Weakening, Max-Torque-per-Volt Control, and a Speed-Torque Curve Tool that can plot the speed and torque curves of a motor drive system even before the system is set up.

Also includes the HEV Design Suite for a complete design solution for complex hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) powertrain systems.

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Add Embedded Code Generation

PSIM’s SimCoder + Hardware Targets

Add embedded code generation to your PSIM Motor Drive Package with Motor Control Design Suite and generate embedded “ready to go” C code for the C2000 MCUs from Texas Instruments or for the PE-Expert4 DSP+FPGA system.

This video demonstrates getting the motor spinning as quickly as possible using PSIM’s embedded code generation. In the video the engineer uses the following for software: PSIM Professional, Motor Drive & Digital Control Modules, SimCoder with F28069 Target, and in addition PSIM’s PIL Module*.

* Please note the PIL (Processor in the loop) Module is sold separately and includes support of TI’s InstaSPIN.

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Add a Design Tool to your Motor Drive Simulation Package

Design Tool options

PSIM’s EMI Design Suite helps you test typical conducted EMI pre-compliance iteration steps and automatically design the EMI filters with proper attenuations for both Differential Mode (DM) and Common Mode (CM) conducted emission noises. Generate a complete system that is operational & ready to simulate.

With the SmartCtrl Pro software design the control for your power converters, including digital and analog. Fast design of controllers for various power converters including digital control design options.

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Co-simulation with other software

Add 3rd Party Links

PSIM’s MagCoupler Module provides the dynamic link for PSIM and JMAG co-simulation so that the power converter and control part of a system can be implemented and simulated in PSIM, and electric machines and other magnetic devices can be implemented and simulated in JMAG.

The MagCoupler-RT Module only needs the JMAG-RT file. Since JMAG is not involved in the simulation, the simulation speed is much faster. PSIM’s Motor Control Design Suite includes a block to link to all types of JMAG‐RT models including PMSM (LdLq model, spatial harmonics model, & flux integral model), solenoid, linear synchronous motor, wound field synchronous motor, step motor, switched reluctance motor (3, 4, and 5 phases), and induction motor.

Included with the MagCoupler-RT Module is a direct interface to the free web-based online platform JMAG‐Express Online. One big advantage of JMAG‐Express Online is its capability to generate the JMAG‐RT model out of the design. This JMAG-RT model can then be used by PSIM in a motor drive system.

Add 3rd Party Links

PSIM’s SimCoupler Module enables MATLAB/Simulink users to implement & simulate power circuits in their original circuit form, greatly shortening the time to set up and simulate a system that includes electric circuits and motor drives.

The ModCoupler Modules provide a link for co-simulation between PSIM and ModelSim for VHDL or Verilog code support.

The FMI Module provides the capability to generate FMU (functional mock-up unit) models in PSIM and perform co-simulation with other software that supports the FMI standard.

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