Express digital contoller design.

SmartCtrl Pro takes the simple, fast designing of controllers for various power converters to the next level by adding in digital control design options. With SmartCtrl Pro engineers are able to:

  • Design digital controllers in the analog s-domain
  • Check the control loop stability
  • Define digital delay

This all achieved with the digital delay being taken into account.  Identify the possibilities with PSIM & SmartCtrl Pro.

Easy and accurate calculation

SmartCtrl Pro allows for calculating the z-domain coefficients of digital compensators so that they can be implemented by digital devices, e.g., FPGAs or DSPs. Digital regulators are obtained following the discretization of their corresponding analog compensators, which are calculated using the analog approach of SmartCtrl.

SmartCtrl Interface

Digital Control Factors

Three factors taken into account on digital control calculations:

  • Sampling frequency of the regulator.
  • Number of bits to represent the resolution in fixed point the coefficients of the obtained compensators. Overall time delay in the control loop.

It is a good practice to compare the discretized compensator with the original analog one.

System Requirements

SmartCtrl is a separate software which may run independently of PSIM. SmartCtrl can be purchased separately or in conjunction with PSIM.

SmartCtrl runs in Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10 either on a stand-alone PC or on a network PC. SmartCtrl is available as a 32-bit or 64-bit software.

A minimum of 128MB RAM memory is required. The program will occupy around 135MB hard disk space after installed.

SmartCtrl 3.0 Pro Release Highlights:

  • Design from specification quickly and visually the best control for your analog control or digital control
  • Automatic design of the power stage and the analog controller:
  • Complete power loss calculation conduction and switching losses
  • Complete Transformer and inductor design
  • Complete Vendors Database
  • New Equations Editor
  • New Input Impedance Calculation
  • New Automatic Design for Digital Control

For more details on this release, please see the developers site here.

SmartCtrl Pro

Buck Converter Example

In the buck converter example below, the analog controller is designed first. Then the controller is redesigned with the digital control delay taken into account. The difference with and without the digital control delay can be clearly seen in the phase Bode plot of the loop transfer function. The analog controller is then discretized for digital implementation.


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R. Redl
Richard Redl, Ph. D. – Consultant, ELFI S.A., Farvagny-le-Petit, Switzerland

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