SmartCtrl enables you to design the control for your power converters, including digital and analog. Fast design of controllers for various power converters including digital control design options.

  • Design digital controllers in the analog s-domain
  • Check the control loop stability
  • Define digital delay
  • This all achieved with the digital delay being taken into account

Easy and Accurate Calculation

Calculate the z-domain coefficients of digital compensators so they can be implemented by digital devices, e.g., FPGAs or DSPs. Digital regulators are obtained following the discretization of their corresponding analog compensators, which are calculated using the analog approach of SmartCtrl.

Three factors are taken into account on digital control calculations:

- Sampling frequency of the regulator
- Number of bits to represent the resolution in fixed point the coefficients of the obtained compensators
- Overall time delay in the control loop

It is a good practice to compare the discretized compensator with the original analog one.

Design the plant of your power converter anywhere in s-domain and use SmartCtrl to design its control

- This built-in function supports the definition of customized plants and sensors transfer functions
- Multiple transfer functions can be plotted at the same time to compare the results
- Sensitivity analysis can be performed for any of the parameter of custom model

In SmartCtrl you can design the control for a generic converter or use a predefined topology.

The predefined topologies are:

- Forward converter
- Flyback converter
- Buck converter
- Boost converter
- Buck-boost converter

For each predefined topology or generic converter you can choose the following controls:

- Voltage mode control
- Average current mode control
- Peak current mode control

SmartCtrl has the PFC design tool (Power Factor Correction – Boost Converter)

This tool incorporates an UC3854A
controller as well as some other practical information, like the actual values of output voltage when a single pole regulator is used as outer loop compensator.

Why SmartCtrl?


Friendly user interface
Steady-state waveforms
Solutions Map for easy controller design
Interactive plots
Seamless integration with PSIM


DC-DC Converters
Power Factor Correction Converters
Different Control Modes
Any converter control can be designed

In-depth Knowledge

Multiloop control structures
Capability to design digital controllers
Sensitivity analysis

  • Control Designs from Specs
  • Multiloop Control Structures
  • Real-Time Date Updates
  • Solutions Map
  • Steady-state Waveforms Plotting
  • Import Frequency Response
  • Electronic Circuit Simulator Integration
  • Import & Export Transfer Functions
  • Sensibility Analysis
  • Digital Control Module
  • Topologies and Control Modes
  • PFC Boost Converters
  • Equations Editor
  • Audio-Susceptibility and Input-Output Impedances
  • Compensator Design and Synthesis Algorithms