Swift power loss calculation.

PSIM’s Thermal Module lets you quickly calculate the switching and conduction losses of switching devices and the core and winding losses of inductors – without slowing down simulation speed.

For switching devices (diodes, MOSFET, IGBT) the Thermal module provides loss calculation with either a fixed junction temperature impact or with heat dissipation through a heatsink thermal equivalent circuit, which will allow you to ensure that your devices stay within the safe operating area. In v11 a new element was added to model the device characteristics of wide band gap – SiC & GaN – for these devices use the MOSFET (Eon).

Core and winding losses for inductors were added in PSIM version 10. These magnetics losses make use of core dimensions, physical winding structure, etc. to ensure complex relationships like proximity effect are considered.

The loss calculations are thermally dependent and the junction temperature or core temperature is used by the models to reflect this dependence.

Loss, Estimation, Database Editor and More

Rapid Loss Estimation

The Thermal module is ideal for quick loss estimation, and for comparing different operating conditions, or comparing devices of different manufacturers. Device conduction losses and switching losses are calculated in the simulation based on device characteristics.

The above screenshot shows the thermal module as of PSIM v12, which now includes the junction to case cauer or foster model as part of the device definition in the database.

Easy-to-use Device Database Editor

The Database Editor provides a convenient way to add new devices and manage existing devices. These devices can then be used in the PSIM schematic and their power losses calculated in the simulation. In addition, utility tools are provided to capture device characteristics curves directly from device datasheet images.

Watch the updates in PSIM V12!

Features & Benefits

Easy-to-use Database Editor
Easy-to-use Database Editor
New devices easily added to database
New devices easily added to database
Fast simulation you can trust
Fast simulation you can trust

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