The new standard for device & system simulation.

PSIM, an industry standard for system-level and control simulation, is excellent for simulations which require a longer simulation time to understand their full impacts. SPICE excels in device simulation, which allows for the study of things like parasitic interactions and gate drive with short simulations.

With a vast library of SPICE models for industrial devices, SPICE provides the ability to analyze a particular device in detail, for example, the turn-on and turn-off transient of a semiconductor device.

Added in PSIM version 11.1 is the ability to make use of the LTspice* engine to run models.

The SPICE Module provides access to:

  • Dual PSIM/SPICE model definitions
  • Running LTspice from PSIM
  • Import of existing SPICE libraries and subcircuits
  • Non-linear Capacitor model
  • AC sweep of switchmode circuit in SPICE

The integration of SPICE into PSIM allows users to greatly reduce development time as a simulation does not need to be re-made in a new environment to study device level interactions.

We anticipate that users will use PSIM to study:

  • Topology verification
  • Control loop and stability
  • Steady state junction temperatures and other thermal simulations
  • Component sizing such as energy storage devices
  • Code generation

Once the designer has an understanding of their converter it is then appropriate to dive down to a device level simulation by swapping ideal switches for SPICE models. Swapping to SPICE models will allow the designer to study:

  • Gate drive requirements
  • Switching and conduction losses
  • Parasitic interactions
  • Switch transition stresses

The combination of PSIM & SPICE provides the ultimate environment for all your design needs.

*LTspice is copyright by Linear Technology Co.

NOTE: Machine models and digital control are not compatible with any form of SPICE.

Features & Benefits

Supports SPICE models and simulation
Supports SPICE models and simulation
Seamless transition between PSIM simulation and SPICE simulation
Seamless transition between PSIM simulation and SPICE simulation
Supports standard SPICE netlist from other software
Supports standard SPICE netlist from other software

SPICE Simulation

SPICE Directive Block

To define the SPICE model statement, use the SPICE Directive block. This block can be found under the PSIM menu, in Element > SPICE > SPICE Directive Block.

In this block, one can enter any SPICE directives which are not found in the PSIM menu. All the content in this block will be inserted in SPICE netlist for simulation and for netlist generation.

You also can define SPICE models through a library file.

With the PSIM engine and LTspice in one integrated environment, users will be able to switch easily between running PSIM simulation and SPICE simulation.

Such a combination gives users the capability to have the proof of concept quickly in PSIM, and then zoom in to study a circuit in detail in SPICE.

Functions are provided such that SPICE netlists from other SPICE software can be easily imported and simulated in PSIM.

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