Supports SPICE models and simulation

Seamless transition between PSIM simulation and SPICE simulation

Supports standard SPICE netlist from other software


Example SPICE Application

SPICE Directive Block

To define the SPICE model statement, use the SPICE Directive block. This block can be found under the PSIM menu, in Element > SPICE > SPICE Directive Block.

In this block, one can enter any SPICE directives which are not found in the PSIM menu. All the content in this block will be inserted in SPICE netlist for simulation and for netlist generation.

You also can define SPICE models through a library file.

Half-Bridge Resonant Converter

With the PSIM engine and LTspice in one integrated environment, users will be able to switch easily between running PSIM simulation and SPICE simulation.

Such a combination gives users the capability to have the proof of concept quickly in PSIM, and then zoom in to study a circuit in detail in SPICE.

Functions are provided such that SPICE netlists from other SPICE software can be easily imported and simulated in PSIM.