Simulink Legacy Models

PSIM users can access Simulink legacy models

The SimCoupler Module enables MATLAB/Simulink users to implement and simulate power circuits in their original circuit form, thus greatly shortening the time to set up and simulate a system that includes electric circuits and motor drives.


Simulate Control

At the same time, the SimCoupler Module allows power electronics researchers and engineers to simulate control in the MATLAB/Simulink environment, thus further enhancing PSIM’s control simulation capability by providing access to numerous Simulink toolboxes.

View the Potential

This example shows a PMSM drive system with the power converter and motor in PSIM and control in Simulink. In PSIM, three motor currents and the speed are measured and passed to Simulink. In return, three modulation signals in Simulink are sent back to PSIM.



Easy set-up co-simulation with minimum user input

Waveform display in both PSIM and Simulink


SimCoupler works with the latest Matlab/Simulink version.