SimCoder Library

Most of the elements in PSIM’s Control Library can be included in code generation. SimCoder’s digital motor control library implements all the elements in Texas Instruments’ Digital Motor Control library.

Supported Hardware Targets:

  • F2833x Target: For TI F2833x series floating-point DSP.
  • F2802x Target: For TIF2802x series fixed-point DSP.
  • F2803x Target: For TI F2803x series fixed-point DSP.
  • F2806x Target: For TI F2806x series fixed-point DSP.
  • F2837x Target: For TI F2837x series floating-point DSP.
  • F28004x Target: For TI F28004x series floating-point DSP.
  • PE-Expert4 Target: For Myway’s PE-Expert4 DSP development system.


Learn more about PSIM and SimCoder’s supported hardware targets.


Automatic code generation

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Hardware code generation together with hardware targets