Wind Turbine, Battery & Ultracapacitor Model

Wind Turbine Models

The wind turbine model, together with the Motor Drive Module, can simulate wind power systems. In addition to the models, PSIM also includes pre-built examples for the following three most commonly used wind power system structures. These examples provide an excellent starting point for custom wind power system design and analysis.


  • Double-fed induction generator (DFIG) based
  • Permanent magnet synchronous generator-based, and
  • Squirrel-cage induction generator based

Battery Model

In any renewable energy power system, battery storage is an essential part of the system.

PSIM’s battery model allows users to simulate the battery charging and discharging process in an energy storage system. The battery model can be used to model various types of batteries. The battery model is also included in the HEV Design Suite.

Ultracapacitor Model

Added in Version 10, the ultracapacitor model provides an accurate representation of the charging, discharging, and hold characteristics of an ultracapacitor. Additionally, there is an added modeling utility for extracting the parameters from the manufacturers’ datasheet.


Lithium-Ion battery model

MPPT blocks

Complete wind power system examples

Solar module with temperature and light intensity effect