From textbook to interactive circuit

A PsimBook document can include concepts, equations, graphs, and electrical and control circuits which are fully interactive and ready to run a PSIM simulation, all in one integral environment. Students will learn and discover power electronics and motor drives in a brand new way.

PsimBook merges textbook exercises with hands-on circuit simulations. It’s easy to use and the ideal way to study power electronics and motor drives. Use PsimBook Exercise for even more opportunity to problem-solve in the simulation environment or design problem sets for students.

PsimBook Exercise

Based on the PsimBook platform, Powersim and its partners have developed a series of exercises, named PsimBook Exercise. These exercises cover various subjects of power electronics and motor control and are intended to help teachers design examination and homework problem sets and to help students to learn through problem-solving including the simulation environment.

The image to the right shows a screenshot of a sample Exercise from the PsimBook environment. The image shows the property dialog window of a dc source in the PSIM circuit, and the menu of the functions that can be performed on the circuit.

Exercise Details

As shown on the left, each exercise includes the table of content, the industrial context, specific objectives, required knowledge and resources (such as background materials and datasheets), and the main exercise.

A key feature is that each exercise is accompanied by an industrial context section, illustrating how a particular theory is applied to actual industrial applications. This helps students see the relevance of the knowledge to real-world situations.


Integrated environment of documentation and simulation


Easy to use

Ideal for beginners of power electronics and motor drives


PsimBook Exercises contains the following titles:

  • Exercise 1: Speed Control of DC Motors *
  • Exercise 2: Series Excited DC Motors *
  • Exercise 3: Passive Harmonic Filter for Supply Network
  • Exercise 4: Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC): Rectifier with Sinusoidal Input Current **
  • Exercise 5: Separately Excited DC Motors *
  • Exercise 6: Characteristics of Asynchronous Machines *
  • Exercise 7: Distribution Transformer
  • Exercise 8: Single Phase AC Choppers
  • Exercise 9: Industrial Applications of Three-Phase Inverters
  • Exercise 10: Phase-Controlled Rectifiers
  • Exercise 11: Self-Controlled Synchronous Motor Drive *
  • Exercise 12: Scalar Control of Asynchronous Machines *
  • Exercise 13: Vector Control of Asynchronous Machines *

Limits for student version:

* Please note, some of the exercises require the Motor Drive Module for full functionality.

** The following exercises require PSIM Professional (because they have a circuit with more than 60 elements):
Exercise 04: Rectifier Sinusoidal (Page 8: 82 elements; Page 10: 95 elements)
Exercise 11: Self Controlled Synchronous (Page 11: 61 elements)
Exercise 12: Scalar Control (All pages have more than 60 elements except page 4 and 5)
Exercise 13: Vector Control (Pages 8, 9, 10, 11 have more than 60 elements)