Complete Sensorless Motor Drive Solution from Beginning to End

PSIM provides the complete sensorless motor drive solution from motor identification to InstaSPIN parameter preparation, current/speed controller design, simulation, and hardware code generation.


Workflow Simplification

You can complete the entire workflow of sensorless motor drive design and implementation all in the PSIM environments. Let PSIM do the work for you, and watch your motor spin!

PSIM is the first package that fully supports InstaSPIN, from parameter file creation to controller design, simulation, and auto code generation.

You can use PSIM’s InstaSPIN Parameter Editor to prepare the parameters needed for InstaSPIN based on system hardware and operating conditions. Then use PSIM’s Motor Control Design Suite to design for the current loop and speed loop PI controllers easily, and simulate the complete system with the power stage and control (including the InstaSPIN block) to validate the design and the performance of the overall system. After the simulation, you can make use of PSIM’s easy-to-use automated code generation capability to generate code for InstaSPIN-enabled DSP hardware.
Detailed step-by-step instructions are given in tutorials listed below, describing how to go through the entire process to design and implement a PMSM sensorless motor drive.

Use InstaSPIN in PIL simulation

Fully verify your system offline before hardware implementation

PSIM's auto code generation = Effortless InstaSPIN

Motor control design suite for PMSM sensorless control


For InstaSPIN simulation only, PSIM+Motor+Digital+PIL is required.
For code generation on the 28069, InstaSPIN requires PSIM+Motor+Digital+PIL and SimCoder+F2806x Target.