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A typical LLC resonant system consists of a dc bus, full-bridge/half-bridge voltage source inverter, LLC resonant tank, high-frequency transformer, diode-bridge, output capacitor filter, and dc load. The overall structure of the resonant LLC template is shown below.


LLC Feedforward Control and Lookup Table

Feedforward control provides a solution very close to the required operating point under various line regulations and load regulations.


General Resonant Converter Template

The template will help you design 5 different resonant converters, namely, LC, LLC, CLL, CL, LLC-L resonant tanks for state-of-the-art resonant applications.

Specify and Design Resonant Converters Using your Choice of Templates


The Design Suite will greatly help users reduce design iteration and find the optimum values of the quality factor, inductance ratio, and frequency range operation, and generate a complete resonant system that is operational and ready to simulate.

The Design Suite provides two new instantaneous design tools and a new lookup-table based feedforward control for optimal and robust design of resonant LLC converters:


Steady State Solver Tool

The Steady-State Solver Tool is a time-domain-based tool for fast steady-state analysis of resonant LLC converters for fast parameter optimization. This tool provides instant resonant waveform and output calculations of peak and Root Mean Square (rms) values for device selection and loss calculation. The steady-state waveform can be seen at the extreme and worst case to verify soft switching, to find maximum dc gain, minimum frequency value, etc.




Design Curve Tool

The Design-Curve Tool is another time-domain-based tool for fast design/performance curves analysis. Using this tool, you can compare dc gain variation with relative frequency at different values of inductance ratio and quality factor. You can examine the steepness and flatness of the gain curve at different values of the quality factor and the inductance ratio.

With the capability to quickly put together a resonant LLC system with detailed electronic circuit models and design tools, the Power Supply Design Suite offers significant benefits and advantages to engineers.




Near-production-ready resonant converter design

Completed and optimized through a very fast design workflow

Instantaneous steady-state solver tool

To quickly find output results and waveforms at any changing operating condition

Convenient Design Curve Tool

To compare different types of design with a click of a button

All major output and parameter calculations of resonant LLCs

Done in one click for any application

Lookup-table based feedforward control

To automatically obtain the range of operations

Robust design curves for any application

For fast optimal design

A general resonant converter template

To cover state-of-the-art resonant tanks