Explore Motor Control Design Suite

After parameters are entered for each block, one can generate the circuit with all controller parameters designed based on the operating conditions, and the circuit is ready for simulation.


Multiple design templates provided

Design in minutes from minimum user input

Integrate and test based on system requirements

Benefits and advantages to engineers
  • Derive detailed hardware and software specifications of subsystems and gain a better insight of the operations of the subsystems
  • Carry out hardware component selection and design and develop control algorithms and DSP control software
  • Using PSIM’s capability in auto code generation, design a motor drive system in Motor Control Design Suite, validate it in simulation, automatically generate the code, and implement in on a DSP – significantly speeding up the development process
  • Evaluate system requirements and understand the interactions among major subsystems such as dc bus, 3-phase voltage source inverter, and motor and controller
  • Quickly put together a motor drive system with detailed electronic circuit models