Simple Interface

Capable of supporting VHDL or Verilog code for FPGA implementation

Easy design validation and debugging in simulation environment


  • ModCoupler-VHDL in version PSIM 2020a is compatible with Questa Core 10.0 (64-bit only).
  • Modcoupler-VHDL needs the FLI (foreign language interface) feature to communicate with ModelSim. Nowadays, FLI is a pay-only feature, available only in Questa Core.
  • Modcoupler-VHDL does not work with ModelSim-Altera nor any other free Modelsim variant.


  • ModCoupler-Verilog in version PSIM 2020a is compatible with all versions of ModelSim (64-bit only).
  • Modcoupler-Verilog works with any Modelsim or QuestaSim version. The required feature (VPI) is part of the Verilog standard, so any simulator must support it.