Seamless integration PSIM + JMAG

JMAG-RT data files are obtained by running the JMAG simulation in advance and are stored in a lookup table form. During the PSIM simulation, JMAG is no longer needed, and PSIM interfaces directly with the JMAG-RT data.

The main advantage of JMAG-RT is that, since JMAG-RT data are obtained from JMAG simulation, the accuracy of a JMAG-RT model is comparable to that of a dynamic JMAG model. However, since JMAG is not involved in the simulation, the simulation speed is much faster.


Easy set up with minimum user input

Accurate motor modeling in finite element analysis (FEA)

Notably faster than dynamic link with FEA software


MagCoupler-RT does not require JMAG, only the JMAG-RT files.