HEV Powertrain System Design

Simplify the complexity and complications of HEV powertrain system design

A series/parallel HEV powertrain system consists of a PMSM generator and converter, PMSM traction motor and converter, bi-directional dc/dc converter, lithium-ion battery, internal combustion engine, and vehicle load with the clutch. Furthermore, a generator controller and traction motor controller may include multiple control blocks, such as Maximum-Torque-Per-Ampere control, field weakening control, torque control, speed control, and voltage control.

Explore Multi-Mode Operations

The HEV Design Suite can handle multi-mode operations of an HEV powertrain system, such as charging mode, battery drive mode, engine and motor drive mode, engine drive with charging mode, engine and motor drive with charging mode, full power mode, and regeneration braking mode.


Complete powertrain system design and simulation

Controllers for generator and traction motor

Controller for bi-directional dc/dc converter

Dynamic battery model for charging and discharging

benefits and advantages to engineers
  • Capability to quickly put together a HEV system with detailed circuit models
  • Integrate and test the system based on system and subsystem requirements
  • Derive detailed hardware and software specifications of subsystems, and gain a better insight of the operations of the subsystems
  • Carry out hardware component selection and design, and develop control algorithms and DSP control software
  • Evaluate system requirements and understand the interactions among major subsystems such as batteries, DC/DC converters, traction motor and controller, generator and controller, engine and vehicle load.