Easily Exportable FMU Models

Generate easily exportable FMU models with just a few clicks. The generated FMU models can be loaded by other software that supports the FMI standard for co-simulation.

The list of FMI Supporting Tools is long and includes most major design and simulation tools.


Co-simulation with 60+ other software tools

Easyly set-up co-simulation with minimum user input

Generation of easily exportable FMU models

Waveform display in both PSIM and FMI supporting software

Application Example: Power converter stage in PSIM exported to Simulink

Power stage in PSIM

This example shows the power stage of a current-controlled buck dc-dc converter in PSIM ready to be exported to a FMU model. For the control stage, we are using Matlab/Simulink as the other software to load the FMU model generated by PSIM and perform co-simulation.

Control stage in Simulink

The control loop with PI controller is implemented in Simulink, as shown below. In the control loop, the inductor current is measured and compared with a reference. The error signal is sent to a PI controller, and the PI output is compared with a carrier waveform to generate the gating signal for the switch. In this way, the FMI Module allows us to simulate control in MATLAB/Simulink while simulate the power stage in PSIM.