Design a motor control system with less effort.

PSIM’s Motor Control Design Suite gives you the toolbox to design a motor drive system with greater efficiency and less effort.

Fueled by design templates, automated controller design, and the capacity to evaluate interactions between major subsystems, PSIM’s Motor Control Design Suite provides a nimble solution to an otherwise complicated task.

Specify and design motor drives using your choice of templates

The Motor Control Design Suite includes a number of design templates for induction motors and linear & nonlinear PMSM.  For example, the nonlinear PMSM design template is for a nonlinear PMSM drive system that includes space vector PWM, current control, maximum-torque-per-ampere (MTPA) control, field weakening control, dynamic torque limit control, and speed control.

Such a system includes multiple control loops (current loops and speed loop). In addition, the motor parameters are changing as a function of the current. All these factors combined make it very challenging to design the controllers of the motor drive system.

Rapid Motor Control Design

Swift Motor Control Design

Given high-level system input specifications, the Motor Control Design Suite will design all the controllers automatically. In very little time, users will have a complete and functional motor drive system that is ready to simulate for further analysis.

A motor drive system consists of a dc bus, 3-phase voltage source inverter, motor, motor controller, and mechanical load. The design template interface for a nonlinear PMSM motor drive is shown on the left.

Motor Controller Example

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After parameters are entered for each block, one can generate the circuit with all controller parameters designed based on the operating conditions, and the circuit is ready for simulation.


NonLinear PMSM Drive w MTPA and Field Weakening


Multiple design templates provided
Multiple design templates provided
Design in minutes from minimum user input
Design in minutes from minimum user input
Integrate and test based on system requirements
Integrate and test based on system requirements

With the capability to quickly put together a motor drive system with detailed electronic circuit models, the Motor Control Design Suite offers significant benefits and advantages to engineers.

  • Evaluate system requirements and understand the interactions among major subsystems such as dc bus, 3-phase voltage source inverter, and motor and controller.
  • Derive detailed hardware and software specifications of subsystems and gain a better insight of the operations of the subsystems.
  • Carry out hardware component selection and design and develop control algorithms and DSP control software.
  • Using PSIM’s capability in auto code generation, design a motor drive system in Motor Control Design Suite, validate it in simulation, automatically generate the code, and implement in on a DSP –  significantly speeding up the development process.

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