Offering the link you’ve been seeking – FEA motor design to circuit simulation.

The MagCoupler module brings finite element analysis to PSIM by enabling co-simulation with JMAG. With easy set up and minimum user input, MagCoupler is a systems-level solution that enables you to optimize your motor design based on performance, size and cost. When time-to-market is of the essence, PSIM’s MagCoupler helps protect against costly downtime without big overhead.

System-level solutions

PSIM’s MagCoupler Module provides the dynamic link for PSIM and JMAG co-simulation, so that the power converter and control part of a system can be implemented and simulated in PSIM, and electric machines and other magnetic devices can be implemented and simulated in JMAG.

JMAG is a finite element analysis software for electromagnetic field analysis. It supports the development and design of electrical and magnetic devices such as motors, actuators and circuit components. JMAG features friendly user interface, powerful mesh generation and editing capability, robust and accurate solver and comprehensive material database. It is particularly suitable for rotating devices such as electric machines.

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Motor Design Analysis

With the MagCoupler Module, motor manufacturers can interface and test their motor design with the intended power converters and control schemes, and optimize the design based on performance, size, and cost.

Expanding PSIM’s capacity to finite element analysis

A major advantage is that you can simulate electric machines based on the definition of the machine dimension, structure, and materials, thus eliminating the need to extract or derive machine parameters. This gives more accurate results that take into account magnetic saturation and losses, time harmonics and space harmonics, and other nonlinear effects that would be difficult to consider otherwise.

Easily Run Other Popular Engineer Software

Since PSIM links to Matlab/Simulink through the SimCoupler Module, you can run all three software together by having the control in Simulink, the power converter in PSIM and the electric machine in JMAG.

The MagCoupler Module is very easy to use, and the link between PSIM and JMAG can be easily set up with the minimum user input and without any custom C/C++ programming.

Features & Benefits

Easy set up with minimum user input
Easy set up with minimum user input
Complete system simulation with power electronics, control and electric machines
Complete system simulation with power electronics, control and electric machines
Accurate machine modeling in finite element analysis
Accurate machine modeling in finite element analysis

MagCoupler Module Resources

MagCoupler in version PSIM 2020a is compatible with JMAG versions JMAG 19.1, 19.0, 18.0, and 17.1.

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