Validate a control algorithm for digital implementation.

PSIM’s Digital Control module is a flexible, time-saving solution to analyze systems in z-domain and convert from analog to digital control.

Achieve more analysis with less cost

With higher performance and lower cost, microcontrollers/DSPs have been increasingly used in converter control in power supply and motor drive applications, requiring control algorithms to be implemented in the discrete time z-domain.

Unlike analog control, there are unique issues in digital control loop design, such as:

  • Sampling
  • Quantization and resolution
  • Delay resulting from processor computation

As a result, a controller that works in the analog s-domain may not work in the digital z-domain.

Simulation and Power Conversion

Test in Simulation – Not production

PSIM’s Digital Control Module lets you implement the digital control algorithm with z-domain simulation blocks making it easy to check the performance and stability of a digital control loop. You can easily test the effects of quantization and observe the effects of digital delay on a control algorithm, allowing users to debug and troubleshoot in a simulation environment.

Digital Control - Schematic PFVI

Smooth conversion from analog to digital control

To facilitate digital controller design, a utility tool is provided to convert an analog controller to a digital controller. After the controller is designed in analog s-domain taking into account the digital delay, the controller can be converted to a digital controller in z-domain and implemented directly in PSIM.


Features & Benefits

Easy to use
Easy to use
Control blocks ready made
Control blocks ready made
Rapidly convert controllers from analog to digital
Rapidly convert controllers from analog to digital
Variable sampling, new ZOH element. Sample at any point in the period.
Variable sampling, new ZOH element. Sample at any point in the period.

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