Build a DSP/FPGA platform for your own control algorithm. In one day.

As power converters and motor drives get more complex with faster switching speeds, a high performance digital control development system is required. PSIM combined with the PE-Expert4 development system provides a dedicated tool for each aspect of this workflow.

This video explains how digital control code can be generated from PSIM to run on the PE-Expert4, a high performance DSP/FPGA development system. The PE-Expert4 can be used to control hardware, a motor drive in this video, or interfaced with the Typhoon-HIL for a high fidelity realtime hardware simulation. The power stage that the Typhoon-HIL is emulating can also be exported from PSIM for a seamless integration of all three parts. The PSIM to PE-Expert4 code generation allows for up to 144 PWMs to be controlled at 400kHz. It is best practice to ensure that the control system works before the real-hardware is energized. A high fidelity Typhoon-HIL can provide the realtime verification required and allow you to energize the real hardware with confidence.

LIVE WEBINAR // Thursday October 24

1:00-2:00 pm ET

Webinar Title: PSIM code generation for DSP+FPGA development system – PE-Expert4

The PE-Expert4 is setting the leading edge for power electronics development systems. It is a mixed DSP+FPGA system with the main code and algorithm executing on a 1.25 GHz DSP while the peripherals like PWM and ADC are handled by dedicated FPGAs. The webinar will offer highlights and capabilities while providing the opportunity to ask live questions to the engineer.

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The PE-Expert4 helps with:

1) Time and Cost

The platform consists of inverter, controller, control software C library, runtime debugger and monitor, and integrated Power analyzer. Time and budget can be saved by utilizing this “all-in-one” package as a universal platform. At the same time, the user friendly interface will save users’ time through its operation and maintenance.

2) Visibility and Controllability

Novel and/or complex systems may require many points of measurement such as various sensor inputs, control program variables, and calculated values (power analysis). All these values can be observed by the system’s real time viewer, PE-ViewX and PE-Meter, without interfering in its operation. Also users can read and write any global variable in the control C program in run time.

3) Scalability and Robustness

A user can program their own FPGA design in the system in addition to DSP C source code. The system has great scalability supporting over 100 gate control and ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) interface. For safety and robustness, dead time gate block and various interlock functions are prepared in hardware and software. This architecture is based on 20 over years experience in the industry.

If you are in multi-level converter or MMC related research for high-power applications, this system is able to generate up to 144 PWM outputs which will be ideally suited for such applications.

PE-Expert4 is a digital platform dedicated for advanced Power Electronics applications, including scalable architecture on the latest digital technology. It supports over 100 gate control and sensor inputs, and comes with a visualized software development bench for easy C programming.

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The DSP-mount system is expandable. Simply choose a board to match the experiment, and control the system with the Integrated Development Environment, PE-ViewX.

Basic system: MWPE4-RACK12, MWPE4-C6657, MWPE-VIEW-X, MWPE-EXP4-LIB.

Features & Benefits

Supporting over 100 gate control and sensor inputs
Supporting over 100 gate control and sensor inputs
Control & measurement integrated in one hardware/software platform
Control & measurement integrated in one hardware/software platform
Monitor and edit any global variables in control software for run time debug
Monitor and edit any global variables in control software for run time debug
Variety of interface board option
Variety of interface board option
Runtime parameter editing
Runtime parameter editing
200kHz carrier vector control
200kHz carrier vector control
Easy C programming
Easy C programming
Data logger
Data logger

Additional resources for PE-Expert4 can be found on the developer’s website

Videos (on developer’s site):

PE-Expert4 System overview

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PE-Expert4, the digital control system

Hardware Features

  • TI TMS320C6657 1.25GHz dual core DSP enables vector control in less than 5μs
  • Variety of interface board option (ask for details)
  • Optical interface brings strong insulation for safety
  • Easy connection with any type of inverter and safety mechanism

Software Features

  • “Easy C programming” supported by PEOS, the basic C library for power electronics
  • Program isolation between user program and debug program by dual core DSP
  • Monitor and edit any global variables in control software for run time debug
  • Integrated Power Analyzer for both sensor input and internal variables in SW

200kHz carrier vector control

TI 1.25GHz dual core DSP (TMS320C6657) enables high speed vector control. Normal vector control including PWM command value output can be performed within less than 5μs.

Runtime parameter editing (Carrier Frequency)

Without interfering in the control program operation, any parameter can be modified safely. In the following example, carrier frequency is modified during operation.

System hardware and software architecture

As seen in the diagram, PE-Expert4 system provides a universal hardware and software platform in which both control and measurement are integrated. Even though you may have no experts of C programming or FPGA design on your team, this flexible and scalable architecture can be built very quickly. This “ready-to -use” platform enables you to learn and start advanced power electronics system with high end digital technology.


PE-Expert4 Application Notes

Title (Download – pdf) Size
Operation of Multilevel Inverter and Induction Motor 311KB
25kVA Motor Development Set Up 2 417KB
Bidirectional Charger for EV 312KB
25kVA Motor Development Set Up 1 268KB
Photovoltaic Inverter Set Up 260KB

Integrated Development Environment PE-ViewX

PE-ViewX. The debug, control and monitor environment for control software.

PE-ViewX supports a series of software programming processes, such as coding, compiling, linking, debugging, and handling design projects. User software can be downloaded to a target such as PE-Expert4 DSP. Then the user can run the program and debug.


Project Management, Program Development and Real Time Debug in PE-Expert4 or PE-PRO.

PE-ViewX Recommended Operating System

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