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Basic system: MWPE4-RACK12, MWPE4-C6657, MWPE-VIEW-X, MWPE-EXP4-LIB.
The DSP-mount system is expandable. Simply choose a board to match the experiment, and control the system with the Integrated Development Environment, PE-ViewX.

Basic system: MWPE4-RACK12, MWPE4-C6657, MWPE-VIEW-X, MWPE-EXP4-LIB.

Hardware Features:

  • TI TMS320C6657 1.25GHz dual core DSP enables vector control in less than 5μs
  • Variety of interface board option (ask for details)
  • Optical interface brings strong insulation for safety
  • Easy connection with any type of inverter and safety mechanism

Software Features:

  • “Easy C programming” supported by PEOS, including over 150 functions covering almost all required tasks in major power electronics design
  • Program isolation between user program and debug program by dual core DSP
  • Monitor and edit any global variables in control software for run time debug
  • Integrated Power Analyzer for both sensor input and internal variables in SW

PE-Expert4's Integrated Development Software PE-ViewX

PE-ViewX. The debug, control, and monitor environment for control software.

PE-ViewX is the software supporting a series of programming processes, such as coding, compiling, linking, debugging, and handling design projects. The user software can be downloaded to a target such as PE-Expert4 DSP. Then simply run the program and debug.

  • To learn more about the PE-ViewX software, visit the developer’s website here: Myway PE-ViewX.
PE-ViewX software for PE-Expert4
PE-Expert4 system provides a universal hardware and software platform in which both control and measurement are integrated.


Project Management, Program Development, and Real-Time Debugging.

Even though you may have no C programming or FPGA design experts on your team, this flexible and scalable architecture can be built very quickly. It is a “ready-to-use” platform that enables you to learn and start advanced power electronics systems with high-end digital technology.

Variables can be edited during operation for parameter change or control; a “Virtual oscilloscope”. The PE-Expert4 consists of dual-core DSP. One core is assigned for user programming and the other is for debugging.


PEOS is the easiest way for you to translate your algorithm into C source code in most of your power electronics applications.

For efficient or advanced experiments, C language programming is preferable since the programmer has full control and visibility for gate control, observed input value (ex. Voltage or current) for feedback control and computation, and communication. More abstract or higher-level language may not provide this level of freedom or precision.

PEOS is the solution.

PEOS consists of over 150 functions covering almost all required tasks in major power electronics design. Programmers can pick and put those functions in template form based on the required algorithm and obtain extremely effective automated programming.

PEOS function examples include:

  • Triangle wave modulation command value setting for 3-phase PWM generator
  • PID function initialization
  • Acquiring AD converter value and encoder count
  • CAN communication interface initialization
  • and more!


Learn more about these functions on the developer’s website here: Myway PEOS

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