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More than 20 years ago, Powersim created their core design and simulation software PSIM to empower engineers in the power electronics design industry. PSIM provides expert circuit and systems level design and simulation capabilities. Our software has evolved to include multiple products in addition to PSIM.  Today, we also have add-on modules, third-party software integration and hardware target support.

When get-to-market time is critical, PSIM’s power electronics simulator delivers unbeatable simulation speed while producing high quality system-level results. Even with no prior experience, PSIM’s friendly user interface means easy implementation and seamless adoption in any environment.  Our products enable engineers to enter and test custom C code with our built-in C compiler. Simulate even complex power electronics systems with a vast component and control blocks library.

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Features & Benefits

Intuitive & easy to use
Intuitive & easy to use
Comprehensive motor drive library
Comprehensive motor drive library
Rapid AC sweep analysis
Rapid AC sweep analysis
Flexible control simulation
Flexible control simulation
Custom C code
Custom C code
Accuracy you can trust
Accuracy you can trust
Links easily to other engineering platforms
Links easily to other engineering platforms
Get ideas to market faster
Get ideas to market faster

What’s new in PSIM Version 2020a

  • New ac sweep block with faster simulation
  • New script functions
  • High-frequency PMSM model
  • New EMI standards added in SIMVIEW
  • Improved online help
  • New Hardware Target for auto code generation for TI F28004x DSP
  • Support of PE-Expert4 for multi-level and multi-modular converters
  • Link to the new super-fast simulation engine DSIM
  • Link with RidleyWorks
  • Export to Typhoon HIL for HIL simulation

To learn about even more new features:

Modules, Add-ons & Licensing Options

Motor Control

PSIM Modules that work for you.

Digital Control to Motor Drives. Renewable Energy to SimCoder. A comprehensive list of add-on modules boost the power and breadth of PSIM. Additional modules to consider:

Explore modules & add-ons

SmartCtrl Integration

Design a power electronics controller in minutes with SmartCtrl’s easy, versatile software. SmartCtrl features a friendly interface, simple workflow and seamless integration with PSIM.

Observe the seamless integration.
SmartCtrl Repair Soldering a PC board
Get started with SimCoder

C Block Simulation & Capabilities

A C block allows users to enter custom C code directly without compiling the code, unlike in the case of external DLL blocks where a compiler is needed to compile the code into a DLL. The C block code is interpreted and executed at runtime by a built-in C interpreter in PSIM. Click below for more details on C Block Capability & Simulation.

Discover PSIM's C Block Capability.

Maintenance & Licensing Options

Protect your investment with PSIM’s maintenance option. It’s free for the first year and includes comprehensive technical support plus version updates. It’s the most cost effective way to keep your license up-to-date.

Explore PSIM license options.

PSIM and its add-on modules provide robust systems level design and simulation across multiple areas including:

  • Motor Drive
  • Digital Control
  • Renewable Energy
  • Hardware Target & MCUs

The applications section of our website allows you to explore topologies such as inverters, dc-dc, ac-ac, and more.  We periodically update this section to provide you with actual real-life examples that apply to your specific needs. To learn more about these applications and topologies, please click on the button below.

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"“Great product! I have been using PSIM for many years to perform power electronics systems and circuit-level design. The ease of circuit entry, the speed of processing circuits, and the flexibility to…" Read More ›

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