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SmartCtrl 3.0 Released

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SmartCtrl 3.0

Discover What’s New with SmartCtrl 3.0.

Design from specification quickly and visually the best control for your analog control.

SmartCtrl 3.0

Automatic design of the power stage and the analog controller:

  • Power stage optimization
  • Best MOSFET and Diode selection from vendors database
  • Automatic Snubber Design
  • Complete power loss calculation of conduction and switching losses. SiC MOSFET and diode devices are included
  • Analog controller optimization

SmartCtrl 3.0 Automatic Design

Complete Transformer and Inductor design

SmartCtrl 3.0 transformer and inductor design

Complete Vendors Database

  • The most important manufacturers database included to optimize the power stage
  • MOSFETS, Diodes, Core materials, Conductors (AWG, Litz wires, etc.) and Capacitors
  • Easily exported and imported and changed by the user.

SmartCtrl 3.0 Database

New Equations Editor

  • Define customized plants and sensors
  • Multiple transfer function plotting
  • Sensitivity analysis on any parameter of custom model.

SmartCtrl 3.0 Equation Editor

New Input Impedance Calculation

  • Check system stability level with Zo-Zi built in function
  • DC-DC converter and control type, input impedance (Zi) and the output impedance(Zo) are shown as additional bode plots.
  • SmartCtrl Solutions Map to shape Zo and Zi and verify system stability

SmartCtrl 3.0 Input Impedance

SmartCtrl 3.0 Pro

SmartCtrl 3.0 Pro includes all of the new features listed above, plus:

Improved Automatic Digital Control Design

  • From specifications to bits

SmartCtrl 3.0 Pro


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