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PSIM Version 10.0.6. Release – Now Available

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Powersim is pleased to announce PSIM Version 10.0.6.  Below you will find the highlights of the news release, to find the full list of updates and revisions, please click here.


  • F2806x & F2802x Targets
    • NEW Hardware targets for TI F2806x & F2802x series DSPs have been added. With these targets, users can generate code that is ready to run on a hardware board using  F2806x & F2802x DSPs.
  • Large Scaling Factor
  • Peak Current Mode Control
  • Battery model (lookup table)
    • NEW Three battery models based on the lookup table approach are added. These models take into account the change of the internal resistance.
  • Curve Capture Program
    • NEW A utility program is provided to capture the curve from a datasheet.


  • Ultracapacitor
    • Error report is added to ultracapacitor when input parameters are not realistic.
  • Li-Ion Battery Model
    • The Li-Ion battery model is improved.

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