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Close Loop Single Phase Boost PFC Design – Webinar

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From October 12, 2017 To October 12, 2017

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Single Phase PFC Design in s-domain and z-domain

This webinar will cover a complete end to end design and study of a single phase PFC. During the webinar an open loop boost converter will be converted into a close loop boost PFC, average current mode control will be used with an outer voltage control loop. The control loops will be closed in analog (s-domain) and with digital (z-domain) coefficients. Signup below.

Once the loops are closed, the performance will be verified by analyzing:

  •  Loop gains (cross frequency and phase margin)
  •  Input impedance
  • Output impedance

Duration: 60 minutes


  • Open loop boost conversion to AC rectified input
  • Open loop plant response of current loop
  • Close current loop (s&z – domain)
  • Open loop plant response of outer voltage loop
  • Close voltage loop (s&z – domain)
  • Performance verification

Target Audience

You should attend this webinar if you are interested in learning about:

  •  PFC design and simulation
  • SmartCtrl for control design
  • General PSIM use
  • PSIM AC sweep setup (frequency analysis)
  • General techniques for power converter simulation

PSIM modules and Hardware used

  • PSIM Pro
    • Digital control module
  • SmartCtrl

Registration is closed. For the recording, come back and check this link: Webinar recordings