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Automated Embedded Code Generation with PSIM – Webinar

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From October 19, 2017 To October 19, 2017

PSIM & SmartCtrl Webinar

Generating Code and Implementing on an MCU

This webinar will cover the conversion of 3 phase inverter with closed z-domain control to be an embedded code generation compatible simulation. The simulation will be setup to run on a TI C2000 F28335 MCU. The operation of the generated code will be verified with both Processor-In-the-Loop and with real-time Hardware-In-the-Loop simulations, PIL & HIL respectively. Signup below.

The methods used in this webinar can be used to convert any simulation with properly defined digital control into an embedded code gen project.

Duration: 60 minutes.


  • Embedded code gen peripheral setup (ADC, PWM, etc)
  • SCI waveform monitoring during runtime
  • PSIM embedded code import into Code Composer Studio (CCS) 
  • PIL setup and simulation 
  • HIL verification 

Target Audience

You should attend this webinar if you are interested in:

  • Embedded code generation
  • PIL & HIL simulations

PSIM modules and Hardware used

    • PSIM Pro
      • Digital control module
      • SimCoder
      • F2833x Target
      • PIL module

Registration is closed. For the recording, come back and check this link: Webinar recordings