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Next webinar coming up on June 25th, 1 PM(EST): Seamless Integration of JMAG and PSIM (sign up opens soon). More details at each webinar link...

APEC 2020

Booth #1613. March 15-18 2020 (exhibit hall) // New Orleans, Louisiana

ECCE 2019

Booth # 213. September 29- October 3 2019 (exhibit hall) // Baltimore, Maryland

APEC 2019

Booth #324. March 18-20 2019 (exhibit hall) // Anaheim, CA

ECCE 2018

Booth # 305. September 24-25 2018 (exhibit hall) // Portland, Oregon

EPE 2018 ECCE Europe

PSIM will be participating at the 20th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE'18 ECCE Europe, in Riga, Republic of Latvia from September 17 to 21, 2018.

Design of a phase shift full bridge converter with PSIM

In this webinar we will design a phase shift full bridge converter with PSIM utilizing Peak Current Mode Control on the input and an output voltage controller. The control loops will initially be setup for analog control, a conversion for digital control making use of advanced PWM triggering available on the TI C2000 Piccolo processors will also be demonstrated. More details at the link...

PCIM Europe 2018

PCIM Europe Conference is an outstanding user-oriented platform with current lectures of leading companies and universities of all sectors of power electronics.

Sensorless PM Motor Drive with InstaSPIN

In this webinar we will use TI's InstaSPIN to provide the observer for a FOC PM motor drive. The whole motor drive system will be setup and tested on a real motor during the webinar.

Sensored and Sensorless Motor Control with PSIM

Using PSIM and the Motor Control Design Suite to implement sensored or sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) of a PMSM.